Who are we….

Who are we?An object,who can perceive things -and can think about it….

Or a combination of human body systems like muscular system,blood circulation system…..etc

Now day i am realizing Buddha verse-what you think you become….maybe its true…. Else …question arise again how,what or who really we are?

What our purpose in birth in this world -Earth

How we really are -human……?

What are function of human…..?

To eat,sleep…etc Or to work in office,colz life or whatever else…

Do you think you are human and its your duty its your right….?

Maybe your body shape and size get change -wouldn’t you be human anymore…?

Or either your language get changed would you be human ….?

This types of questions are already arise and get solved and proved as whatever happened we all are human…
Now question arise in my mind-why can’t it be happen …we are may be alien…doing different activities then other animals…while we concord earth and start to live in the world….trying different system of living
It is necessary to wake early on bed …?

You may wake up on street floor also…

Or in some beautiful place… What you think you become-Buddha
As all of them are culture- culture of thinking and imagination – all of things get loop …

Then what are innovative thinking and imagination …..searching 🙂

uullu pips to be the happiest person-

Nainital,a cool destination place

Nainital is a Himalayan resort town in the Kumaon region of India’s Uttarakhand state.Formerly a British hill station.It is a holiday station for people for vacation.Due it’s cool climatic condition,most of people who lived in hot climate at south part of India used to travel here for holiday trip or vacation.My trip to here leads me for the same reason during summer season.


While travelling from Mahendranagar,Nepal to developed India.Punjab is on the way. And Heading to hill side.the cool breeze welcome the Nainital zone please cool down to me.While reaching there at vacation time.traffic was busy due to high incoming people or vehicles.

Nainital city is allocation around Nainital lake,where civilization lives in hill,and nainital as a hierarchy element to city.Market place,religious place and hotel area around periphery area of Nainital lake.whereas inner market lies inside to open market,where we can get daily stuff shop.

City have different pedestrian way and vehicular way.which make life easier for to walk on.


  • Boating
  • Shopping
  • Walking
  • Hills viewpoint
  • Gaming
  • Religious activites (for all religions)
  • local market or street visit


In this we can enjoy Nainital with among our friends and family

Past memories 

Past are memories which cannot be edit or transformed.We can linked stories of different person and can know why,how the event where happen or occur…

Experience- are collection of our past memories and at which stage of steps we walk on of that particular topic…

New event continue from your last step of walk…so,while you get opportunity to walk on in your dreams land…just walk till you have time to do…once you left it to do ….. Its became past…and to do past activities with same energy level its very hard to achieve….

Do what you want….continuity without any hazition….and reach to top level of that stage….dreams related to that topic…which were your dreams relatively get to that top level…

Start to live in present…and explore it,experiment it and start to do it….

No more loop in life for one topic and it relative items…all your dreams,hobby,interest….etc are interrelated to each other…

Where are you now ? Its your land …where you start your life … Here,where your start dreaming…that why your here at this place at your land -dreamland

Some people are happy and some are offset being here …

Time change -its have to….

Time change for you by yourself …you have to show …life can be lived by this way also..like my way -i am happy now

Don’t try change other people ‘way of living’ -its get hurt…just imagined once…what will happened when you get bounded by other… So let be free …

And enjoy present life being smiling , making our future past happy and efficient being what your are….

Life is changeable,so let it be….donot force to live same life forever…it know where u should be n it will take you there…just our accepting the change matter…how happy we will be…so be happy n be free,accept what is happening in your life..it called experience n you get opportunity to achieve it… 🙂